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The author, investor and entrepreneur - Vladimir Zhurin

(Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk region) 

The purpose of the historical-museum complexes "The Golden Collection" is a spiritual revival of Russia. To achieve this goal, the author of the project offers to build “the Ostrogs*” of Russian culture in the cities and towns of the Russian Federation and in other countries of the world.


All these Ostrogs are going to be called "The Golden Collection". It is going to be a chain of modern multifunctional historical-museum complexes including reconstructed historical territory, modern hotel rooms, parks of culture and recreation parks, sport areas, restaurants and shops.

* The Ostrog – a fortress, built by Russian Cossacks in Siberia, a stronghold of Siberia exploring.

We are going to build the first Ostrog in a Siberian town called Ust-Ilimsk, situated on painterly banks of the Angara-river. Choosing of this place is caused by perfect location.

After Ust-Ilimsk, building of such complexes is planned to start on route of the Great Siberian way (nearby large cities) and cities of other countries. In particular, there are points of joint cooperation projects "The Golden Collection" and "Cultural zone of the Great tea road" on the route "Ulan-Ude - Saint Petersburg".


 Association of these cultural projects can become a powerful impetus to their joint tourism development, in particular, by introducing a zone of Chinese architecture and creation of centers of Chinese medicine. 

All these facts inspired Vladimir Zhurin – a denizen of Siberia. He is brave enough to convey the true spiritual values and culture of the Russian people to the whole world – by the revival of ancient Russian wooden architecture of the XVIII century. That's why, it is the wooden architecture became the basis of the architectural appearance of the historical-museum complex "The Golden Collection".

After Ust-Ilimsk, it is planned to build such complexes nearby the cities, situated on the way of the Trans-Siberian railway. And then – in other countries.

Giving the floor to the architects

According to the architects' calculations, the total area of one historical and museum complex is more than 5 hectares. Each complex is going to include 4 main areas:



Consists of the reconstruction of the historical monument – the Ostrog, with watchtowers and fence, created in the style of old Russian wooden architecture.Along the fortress there are architectural forms of religious wooden architecture of XV-XVIII centuries (churches and temples), all made by legendary masters of ancient architecture.There are also some wooden huts (Russian izba) on the territory of the Ostrog. Living there one can feel the real spirit of that time.Building of the fortress will allow to organize shooting of films and documentaries in future.


Central part of this sector is intended for buildings, designed in style of the late old Russian architecture – the time when such styles as "Baroque", "Modern" and "Classicism" have already appeared in wooden fulfillment. By the way, such architectural styles in wooden fulfillment exist only in Russia. Each house here is going to be a prototype of the famous historical building. Business area will provide wide range of services. There will be a place for a housing sector with classic hotel rooms, a restaurant and a café nearby. A business center and meeting rooms, an office block, shopping arcade and entertainment centre will complete the complex.In this area one can celebrate various holidays, and arrange public concerts.


The place of joyful time spending. It is also expected the organization of the Spa area, children's and youth health camps. 

Принципиальная схема парка


There is also a possibility of arranging of sport festivals and competitions. There will be a place for living and training for all participants.

The opinion of the government

In 2017, a sketch of the project of historical and museum complex "The Golden Collection", developed by a group of Siberian architects, was presented to investors and government of Irkutsk region. The project received approval and support.  

"Siberia is a territory of astonishing beauty.That is why we want to build the first Ostrog right here. We want our guests to enjoy the scenery. We are ready to arrange historical excursions, sea journeys, traditional local fishing and many other things".
"The project has two main directions: the preservation of cultural values of the times of the development of Siberia and the development of modern tourism".
"The authors want the historical and museum complex to become a favourite place of interest for the locals. It is also going to become a center of attraction for tourists from the other Russian cities and different countries".
From the author

Our goal is to realize the project, to show the top-quality, and make it interesting and informative for people of any age. After all, "The Golden Collection" is a project of building of beautiful and cozy parks, and, at the same time, it's a good opportunity to strengthen international communication.

"We should also remember about the time limit. The development will be gradual. We look forward working with local travel agencies. We invite the investors and creative people to take part! We are sincerely welcome new ideas and support at any level! Together we can make something important. We can save the history for future generations. One can learn many interesting facts with the help of history. For example, in all times it was important to be able to treat others with love in our hearts, and also treat others as you want them to treat you".

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Vladimir ZHURIN

The author of the project "The Golden Collection"


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The author of the project

"The Golden Collection" - Vladimir Zhurin

<span style="font-weight: bold;">The project of the tourist map of the chain of historical-museum complexes "The Golden Collection"</span>
The project of the tourist map of the chain of historical-museum complexes "The Golden Collection"

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